Nitzotzot Shiur Acher

Amuta Number 580397156

Our Vision

Every child has the right to dream, to believe in themselves, and to be inspired through a meaningful encounter with a potential role model. Nitzotzot Shiur Acher encourages social involvement and leverages the knowledge, ability, and experience of employees and organizations to expand the range of students' dreams and influence the future image of Israeli society.

About US- A Merger Between Two Non-profits

Nitzotzot ("Sparks") is an educational initiative founded in 2013, operating within the formal Israeli education system to develop students’ self-motivation via exploring their individual "spark," the primary accelerator for developing self-motivation and potential.

Shiur Acher ("A Different Lesson"), founded in 2002, promotes equal opportunities for children from Israel's social and geographical periphery. By doing so, Nitzotzot Shiur Acher addresses some of the U.N's sustainable development goals: Ensuring the quality of education; Reduced Inequality; Decent Work; Economic Growth; and End Poverty. Nitzotzot Shiur Acher is also aware of gender inequality and emphasizes it in its activity.

Our Programs

groups of employees and independent volunteers from the business and public sector teach an 8-week enrichment course in their fields of expertise, in schools that serve underprivileged communities.

Some of the organizations that take part in this program include Microsoft, Intel; MyHeritage; WIX; Ernst and Young; BDO; Discount Bank; Bank Hapoalim; Yahav Bank; Leumi Bank; Unilever; Strauss Group; various government ministries (Energy; security; Health; Foreign; Welfare; Prime Minister; Communication) and many more.

Funded by the Ministry of Education, the program trains and provides over 400 teaching assistants in schools. Evaluation processes accompany the activity.

A yearly secondary school program that provides students with role models who teach them about their passion (spark). The mentors meet with the students who chose their topic over four consecutive sessions. Particular emphasis is given to integrating the schools’ own communities, allowing parents, graduates, and local forces to speak with students about their passion. This, in turn, strengthens the parent-child relationship and parent-teacher relationship and contributes to the child’s well-being and a sense of pride in one’s own family.

Formal Recognition and Awards

. In 2018 Shiur Acher received the Yad Ben Gurion award for operating according to David Ben Gurion’s vision of assisting and empowering the periphery. In 2019 Shiur Acher was awarded the Exemplary Award for Volunteering by the National Council for Volunteering in Israel. In 2022 we received the Sderot Prize for Education and society.